Offering a glimpse behind the scenes at Craig Long, LLC and into the lives of our team, we wanted to share with you a bit about our Senior Escrow Officer Ben Cloud. Ben works tirelessly in our office for both of our companies, Craig Long, LLC and Alpha Title and Closing. Not only is Ben working diligently at his role as a very courteous and detailed escrow agent, he and his wife Brooke have been doing some pretty amazing things in their free time lately.

A few weeks ago, Ben got an unsettling phone call regarding one of his very close friends, Cody.

It was one of those calls you really hope to never receive.

Ben’s friend Cody had fallen very ill and quickly transitioned into a critical state. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a very rare and aggressive form of Leukemia, Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Cody’s condition was discovered in Stage 3, and his prognosis was pretty grim with a 22-70% survival rate.  As young man of only 25, with a brand new ten-week old baby girl at home, the news was devastating.

Ben was by his friend’s side day and night through the weeks of aggressive treatment he was receiving.

In addition to supporting his friend at his bedside, Ben and his wife Brooke immediately went into action putting together several fundraiser events, and seeking sponsorship’s to help with Cody’s medical bills. They organized a fishing tournament with a turnout of 50 boats, a $1 raffle with more than 2800 tickets sold and a softball tournament with 16 participating teams.

To date, Ben and Brooke have raised a total of $11,128!  With upcoming events still in the works to add to that total, including:

  • Friday, October 23,2015 - Central park - Cumming, GA
  • Saturday, November 7th, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at Countryland Golf Club in Cumming.


The $1 raffle is still open with the final drawing to be held at the Softball tournament this Friday, here are some of the items being raffled off:


There is also a $20 AR-15 raffle going with 40 tickets left out of the 100 being sold…pretty good odds!

Cody is currently Leukemia free.  However, without a bone marrow transplant, it is imminent that the Leukemia will return.  He is currently awaiting the results to find out if they have Bone Marrow that matches him in the marrow bank, he should have that answer by Nov. 2nd. Until a match is found, Cody will have to continue doing chemo for 5 days a month, every month.  Once a match is found, he will receive the transplant operation will have to spend about 90 days at Emory.

If there are no matches, Ben hopes to start testing everyone willing to see if they are a potential match.

The true definition of friendship and support. We are proud to have an individual like Ben as part of our team.

Please help us support him in his efforts. A little goodwill, can bring about great miracles.

You can contact Ben for more information at:



Of note: Ben also founded his own charity organization in 2008 named “Softball for Kids“, dedicated to helping children and young adults in adverse situations. Click the link to read more about the non-profit and it’s foundation.

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