Fulton County has issued tax bills for 2013.  A tax bill is derived from a combination of a value and a rate.  The tax assessor of the particular county your property lay in values the property and a tax rate called a Millage Rate is set by the county commission, school board, and if you live within the city limits of a city, the city council.  If you live in Fulton County, which city do you think is the most expensive to live in?  Well, the winner is the City of Hapeville, with a millage rate of 45.863.  The least expensive city in terms of the rate at which real property is taxed in Fulton County, Georgia is Johns Creek, with a Millage Rate of 33.867.

Here is the entire list from least to greatest Millage Rates:

1. Johns Creek (33.867); 2. Milton (33.984); 3. Sandy Springs (33.984); 4. Roswell (34.708); 5. Alpharetta (35.003); 6. Palmetto (37.753); 7. Fairburn (39.233); 8. Union City (39.851); 9. Mountain Park (40.033; 10. Chattahoochee Hills (40.211); 11. College Park (41.872); 12. East Point (44.253); 13. Atlanta (44.431); 14. Hapeville (45.863).

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