The housing market in Atlanta is on the rebound and has people once again on the move to locate here. As forecasted by, as one of the top 10 hot housing markets to watch in 2015, Atlanta has proven itself a strong foothold in the country’s housing recovery.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s cover story posted in the August 7-13 edition, highlights the top five Atlanta counties experiencing the strongest net migration for 2013-2014: (U.S. Census Bureau)

Gwinnett County: 11,566
Cobb County: 7,454
Forsyth County: 7,442
Fulton County: 5,715
Cherokee County: 4,293

As the numbers tell it, the strongest influx of migration is targeted to Georgia’s northern counties. The technology boom in Alpharetta, as well as the draw to the high schools in South Forsyth has proven beneficial for Forsyth County drawing tech employees and families seeking out quality school systems for their kids.

In addition to being a  technology hub, Alpharetta was also recently ranked 1st as one of the nation’s top 10 cities for female entrepreneurs in 2015 according to a study by GoodCall.

Homebuilders are confident about the housing market, with the Housing Market Index reflecting the highest growth level since 2005 in single family home sales, and prospective buyers in the marketplace.

The picture we see from the renewed migration to Georgia is one of positive growth. Net migration to Georgia during the height of the housing recession in 2009-2010 was 8,861. Comparatively, net migration to Georgia in 2013-2014 was 46,924. A substantial  increase in movement to our great state!

As the real estate industry continues to recover, the resulting yield will be growth in the job market, government and private sector business, and overall economic health for Georgia. Here’s to a prosperous outlook for the real estate market and economy in the months and years ahead!


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