It is not surprising to find that the most common and surefooted way that people are finding a good lawyer these days is through the recommendation of a friend. However, of note in the recent survey done by Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law & Mike Blumenthal of 1500 individuals who had recently hired a lawyer, internet search was a close second superseding even a business referral.

That gives a pretty significant indication of how the landscape is transforming for attorneys and how they might attract new business.

Reputation is obviously key. Your reputation as an attorney, and a law firm determines the likelihood that a client will leave your office feeling well-served and in turn offer an acquaintance seeking legal representation your name as a qualified, and competent attorney.

Second to reputation, it is imperative to be visible online. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have surely read (or at least overheard) that content, website optimization and social media are crucial (yes, crucial) areas for you to be actively tending to in our internet bound world.

Below is the Infograph from Moses and Roth’s study broken down into age, gender, region, etc. This data can be used to target your prospects by designing a “buyer persona” of an ideal client in your particular niche.  From there, determine the top three marketing avenues to channel and devise your marketing plan.


I would wager that in 2016, the gap between referring a friend to a lawyer and the search for a lawyer online will close significantly.  Now is the time to fine tune your law firm’s online presence and ensure that you are in top shape to be in the ring with your competitors.

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