As we turn the corner into a new year, we give pause to reflect on 2016, and what the year brought to our firm.

In the last year, we added some new talent to our Real Estate Closing Team; Ajka Pilav, Sue Evans and Kelley Crane. The transition from a one-man team to a three-woman team was not without it’s bumps, but it did not take long for the processes between these three ladies to fall into a working order that allowed us to continue to deliver a seamless closing transaction for our clients.

Near the end of 2016, Sue transitioned from the closing team into the role of Firm Administrator, where she has proven a tremendous value to the firm in keeping our books and accounts receivable in excellent order, and overseeing the operations of our firm with a high degree of care.

Ajka has excelled in her role as Closer, and has proven herself a great asset to our firm. She offers a personal flair to all her interactions, with both clients and vendors, that you don’t find with most Settlement Agencies. Her oversight and skill level in executing a real estate transaction has continued to develop and refine, and she consistently provides our clients a stress-free closing.

Kelley has proven very flexible and skilled at balancing her role between Closer and Post-Closer. She offers a great deal of industry knowledge that is highly valuable to the firm. Any transactions that may present a greater degree of difficulty or intricacy, Kelley can skillfully manage and make the moving parts come together as required.  She is adept at balancing files accurately and ensures that all files are free from any misprints or mistakes prior to execution and submission to various lenders and clients.

Our associate attorney, Doyle Johnson, continues to offer our clients an element of entertainment at the closing table, making the closing experience enjoyable for all parties. His knowledge of the industry has grown over the last year as well, and he can provide answers to any questions or issues that may arise at closing as needed.  He also lends support to Craig as needed with the firm’s litigation matters.

As Sue shifted into the role of our Firm Administrator, Sara was able to move out of that role, and into that of Chief Marketing Officer for the firm. She continues to oversee the firm’s Social Media channels, design and create marketing prints, foster and monitor lead generation, map out SEO optimization, and maintain the website and blog.

Craig continues to work in a variety of seats in the office, overseeing the day to day operations, offering expertise as needed to various work orders, and serving our clients (both new and old) in litigation matters.  His service to our clients is held at the same solid standard it always has been,  and he provides a level of personal service and depth of knowledge that you don’t find with other attorneys or firms. It is very apparent that our clients value him and the service he provides to them.

In the year ahead, we have many goals for the firm. With the anticipated growth of Forsyth County and the surrounding areas expected to increase at a tremendous rate, we hope to continue establish ourselves as the premiere closing firm in the area. We will continue to build upon our reputation with an unprecedented level of service and industry expertise.  Our firm is optimized for growth and we are looking to new business possibilities and locations within the market. Our goal is to always add value to our clients and their experience with us. And we will continue to do so in 2017 and beyond!