History of Craig Long, LLC

Craig Long, LLC was formed in August, 2004. The firm’s initial practice focused solely on closing residential real estate transactions and construction loans. Shortly after establishing the firm, the founder of the firm, Craig Long, found himself in the middle of the greatest real estate boom in history. Unfortunately, to be followed by the greatest real estate bust in history. The firm grew rapidly at onset, experiencing double and even triple digit growth during the initial years. And with perseverance and dedication, the firm was able to successfully navigate the bust in the wake of the boom.

Through the years, the representative experience of the firm has broadened to include landlord-tenant law, zoning, commercial real estate transactions, corporate representation, mergers and acquisitions,  and civil litigation. Since the implosion of the real estate market, the firm’s representative abilities have even further expanded. As such, the firm has managed to become a better-run organization. A firm with high standards of ethics and experience, even more so than prior to the market conditions changing so dramatically. The greatest beneficiary to our experience as an organization are our clients.


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